Cr-Ni-Mo Austenitics - Applications

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316L-1.4404 has a low carbon content to minimise the problem of carbide precipitation during welding and permits the use of the steel in the as-welded condition in a wide variety of corrosive applications.

This grade also complies to the requirements of 1.4402 which has been specifically designed for use in tank containers and has enhanced mechanical properties to aid in tank container design.

316L-1.4435 has a higher molybdenum content than 316L-1.4404 and this improves the pitting and crevice corrosion resistance even further.

316LN has a higher nitrogen content to improve the strength.

316Ti is a titanium stabilised version of 316L-1.4404 and is used for its resistance to sensitisation during prolonged exposure to temperatures between 550°C and 800°C.

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