Supplier Application

Supplier application guidelines and supplier portal registration

Columbus follows a comprehensive and thorough supplier evaluation process which includes amongst others, compliance checks, capability enquiries, supplier visits/audits, third party risk checks and oversight of our Vendor Committee. Registration as an approved supplier is not guaranteed for all suppliers who apply. Registration is mainly driven by the demand and requirements from our business units.

The process to be registered as an approved supplier starts with an application that is fully completed with all the required documentation as guided by the application. The Supplier Management section will first establish if there is a need for the offered goods or services. If a need exists they will get the confirmation from the relevant Columbus representative. The process of evaluating and checking all the supplied information from the potential supplier will then commence. Columbus will provide feedback to the potential supplier after the application has been considered and a final decision has been taken to register the supplier as an approved supplier or not.

Supplier Application Guidelines

Important documentation for noting only, upon processing of the application the applicable documentation will be signed electronically:

In addition to the Columbus documentation above, suppliers will require the following documents to upload to their applications:

  • Company Profile
  • Original bank letter (not older than 3 months)
  • A letter on a company letterhead confirming banking details signed by the CEO or the CFO
  • Letter of Good Standing (Applicable only for South African Suppliers)
  • For Foreign vendors: Confirmation on company's letterhead, signed by an authorised signatory that employees are insured
  • Proof of insurance
  • Name Change certification (If applicable)
  • Share Certificate (Applicable only for South African Suppliers)
  • BBBEE Certificate/Affidavit (Applicable only for South African Suppliers)

Supplier Portal Registration

Suppliers who believe that they can provide goods or services that Columbus requires and are committed to comply with our Terms and Conditions and other specific requirements are welcome to apply on our supplier portal.

  • Apply here
  • Existing suppliers login

    Please send an email to once you have fully completed the application.

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