Our People make it happen

The stainless steel industry attracts some of the best minds in terms of technology and business acumen, and Columbus is no exception.

Our growth is not just dependent on things such as technology and sound business strategies; it is our people who use the technology. Columbus Stainless has attracted talented leaders who understand the emerging technical, commercial and marketing aspects unique to this business.

The skills profile of our employees is comparable with the international industry average. Columbus primarily employs staff with a minimum of 12 years schooling, with a pass in Mathematics and Science. Some 25 percent of our people have studied at higher education institutions. More that 10% of the workforce annually register for part-time studies, with support from Columbus. We have developed a culture of learning and promote a system of continued enrichment through acquiring new knowledge and the honing management and leadership skills.

We value new and innovative ideas because this drives improvement. Columbus Stainless is constantly evaluating new technology and the positive benefits that it can have on our operations. We also know that technology has to be directed by the brightest minds.