Health & Safety

Safety is a way of life at Columbus Stainless and we work according to internationally accepted safety standards. Regular independent audits are conducted to ensure that we adhere to the standards. These audits help us to focus on areas where safe work practices in our operations can be enhanced.

people working

Our safety record is among the best in the industry. We consider safety to be a key factor in the effective running of our business and we have consistently achieved numerous certificates and awards in recognition of our dedication to prioritising excellent safety standards in the workplace. Columbus Stainless has, since 1996, achieved "millionaire" status eight times by clocking up more than one million work hours, each time, without a disabling injury.

Our Risk Control Department manages a safety system that is responsible for:

  • constantly improving our standards;
  • investigating any incidents that may happen at the plant; and
  • a proactive approach to risks.

Emergency and Recovery

Our emergency services personnel are a team of highly trained and dedicated fire officers. They are trained to deal with injuries as well as to effectively handle toxic and chemical spills. This core team is supported by security personnel and our staff volunteers who are part of our Siza teams. ("Siza" - Zulu word meaning "help")

The Siza team members work in the plant and their primary responsibility is to act as the first responders to an emergency. For instance, should there be a hydrofluoric acid spill or an ammonia leak, they would be the first people to respond while the rest of the plant personnel will be evacuated to designated places of safety. The Siza teams have been trained in search and rescue techniques under hazardous conditions, first aid, the handling of specialised equipment, dealing with fires, spillage's, leaks and de-contamination operations and procedures to prevent knock-on effects.