Technology for Success

Columbus is equipped to produce consistently high quality stainless steel to the precise specifications of our customers. This requires a smooth, faultless operation: the best tools for the job, managed wherever possible by the best software available and monitored by highly qualified personnel. Our fully integrated, single site plant boasts the following:

100 ton Electric Arc Furnace (EAF).
Two 100 ton AOD converters.
Argon bubbling station.
Continuous Casting Machine (CCM).

Three Slab grinding machines.
Reheat furnace.
Roughing mill.
Crop shear.
Steckel mill.
Laminar flow cooling section.
Down coiler.
Plate shear and stacker.

Two coil build up lines.
Batch annealers for certain ferritic grades.
Two annealing and pickling lines (A&P).
Three 1 300mm Sendzimir reversing cold strip mills.
One 1 500mm Sendzimir reversing cold strip mill.
Vertical bright annealing line.
One coil grinding/polishing line.
Two skin pass mills.
One tension leveller.

Heavy plate cut up line.
Roller hearth anneal furnace.
Roller levellers.
Vertical spray pickling line.
Two shears.
Plate cut up line.
Plasma cutters.

Two cut-to-length facilities.
Combination coil and plate processing line.
Five slitting lines.
Two blanking lines.
Coil storage, packing and despatch facilities.

hot band coils
stainless coils