Columbus Stainless strives to continuously exceed its demanding Environmental policies and truly be a contributor to a better environment.

We were one of the first businesses in the steel industry to achieve ISO 14001 certification, the internationally recognised standard for environmental management. We have also adopted the strict German TA Lüft standard for air pollution control and we adhere to the strict South African water pollution control legislation.


Because Stainless Steel is one of the most readily recyclable products in the world, Columbus Stainless plays its part in caring for the environment. Production of stainless steel requires 70% scrap metal, which is turned into bright, shiny stainless steel. Whilst Columbus Stainless’ business is to produce stainless steel, in so doing, the company is committed to ensuring that the environment is not adversely affected by its processes and products. In order to be a global player, care for the environment and the maintenance of stringent environmental certification to the demanding ISO14001, is a prerequisite. All of Columbus Stainless’ goals and objectives are aligned with this policy.

Not only does Columbus Stainless strive, within the organisation, to continuously raise the level of awareness for the need to conserve and protect the environment it also promotes the awareness of this need to the individual members of the Columbus Stainless team.

The company strives to render the manufacturing site in Middelburg acceptable in terms of all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and by-laws and continuously strives towards achieving appropriate international standards for pollution prevention. It further continuously monitors performance against these standards.

As part of the drive to minimise pollution, Columbus Stainless also ensures optimum utilisation of raw materials and energy sources by focusing on the reduction of waste in both power, water and raw materials. Not only do these reduce the impact on the environment but also reduce the costs of producing quality products.